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Operative Dermatology (Microscopic/Micrographic Controlled Surgery)

The first line of operative dermatology is to remove tumors good and bad. Here too not only does beauty play an important role, but the special techniques of plastic surgery. Special aesthetic techniques are also taken into consideration to make sure that minimum scarring occurs.

The Microscopic and Micrographic Controlled Surgery techniques where first developed and used in The United States of America under the terminology:  “Mohs Surgery”. This state of the art technique is used mostly for the removal of Basal Cell Carcinomas in the area of the face. The area to be excised is specially marked by the surgeon and once the tumor is fully excised, a special preparation is made for the histological diagnosis. Histological results can only be diagnosed in a few highly specialized laboratories. It is very important to work closely with such laboratories so that the patient can receive an optimal treatment.

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