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Dermatological Oncology

The most important basis for Dermatology is prevention.  Here the expertise in diagnosing White skin cancer and its stages (Basal Cell Carcinoma, Actinic Kertoases, Spinocellular Carcinomae, Morbus Bown, Bowen Carcinoma) as well as Malignant Melanoma are of utmost importance. An important instrument in diagnosing skin cancer is Dermascopy. Long years of use have brought stability and reliability in the diagnosing of skin cancer.

Skin cancer should be identified here too by a skilled Dermatologist who will excise the cancer and follow-up on the best reliable treatment. Such treatments come from specific Dermatological Association guide-lines. These guide-lines ensure a high standard of the most up-to-date available treatments.
Conservative methods can also be used in the pre-stages of treating White skin cancer. Such therapies are Photodynamic Therapy, Imiquimod (Aldara) and Efudix (5-Fluorouracil) can be used depending on the type of skin cancer, its localization, and the results of the diagnosis.

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